Beijing's air pollution

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Dust hanging over the sky and a heavy blanket of smog are a depressing sight for one reporter who looks out his window to downtown Bejing everyday.

Buildings are barely visible and the air is barely breathable, reported Jaime A. Florcruz in an article for CNN.

Florcruz has lived in Beijing for nearly 40 years and said he has seen the air's quality go from bad to worse in the city. He said he never imagined it to be as bad as it is now.

He reported that experts blame the air pollution on rapid urbanization and industrialization. Pollution is more acute because of Beijing's 17 million people population and the rapid speed of its economic growth, according to experts.

"I have an 11-year-old child," said Wu Changhua, China director of The Climate Group, a London-based international organization. "I really wish for better air quality, for the nation's authorities to do something not just for us but for future generations. That remains a concern for parents like me and many others."

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