Increase in price of Thanksgiving dinner

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A Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey and traditional trimmings will cost about 13 percent more this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Association.

The cost of a meal for 10 people will rise to $49.20 from $43.47 last year, the biggest increase since 1990. Turkey was the most expensive increase, with a 16-pound bird up 22 percent at $21.57, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Although we'll pay a bit more this year, on a per-person basis, our traditional Thanksgiving feast remains a better value than most fast-food value meals," John Anderson, senior economist with the bureau, told the Los Angeles Times. "Plus it's a wholesome, home-cooked meal."

The report is the Farm Bureau Association's 26th since 1986, when a Thanksgiving meal cost $28.74. The report takes into consider prices across the nation, says the Los Angeles Times.

A total of 141 volunteer shoppers from 35 states participated in this year's report. The menu for the Thanksgiving dinner has remained unchanged since 1986 to allow for consistent price comparisons, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

"A dinner for 10 at under $5 a head is still a bargain," Anderson said. "The average American household still spends less on food than any other nation in the world."

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