Regis Philibin's Final Show

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Regis Philbin stayed in character and looked for laughs during his final appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" Friday morning.

Tears flowed from his co-host, Kelly Ripa, but Philbin stayed dried eyed, according to the New York Times. Philbin's friends and family were invited to be in the audience for the final show. Guests included Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and actor Tony Danza.

Philbin cited someone in the audience every commercial break, reports the New York Times.

"I'm doing everything I can for you! After this you're on your own!" Philibin told Robert A. Iger, the chief executive of the Walt Disney Company, during one of the commercial breaks.

Iger announced that ABC is installing a plaque in Philbin's honor on the facade of the studio building. "I got a plaque," Philbin said with mock complaint, according to the New York Times. "How about a star in front of the place too?"

Philbin also gestured to Michael Gelman, his producer, off-camera when he thought a musical number went on too long. Philbin motioned by drawing his hand across his throat.

"I forgot something I wanted to say," Philbin told the audience after he wrapped up his goodbye to the television audience. "I want to stay!"

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