Turkey to Go opens storefronts

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The Turkey to Go sandwich, a popular item at the Minnesota State Fair for 52 years, is now opening storefronts in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Owners Drew Levin and Dan Perkins opened the Skyway food court in the Alliance Bank Center in St. Paul on Tuesday. A second storefront in Minneapolis will open in early January, reports the Star Tribune.

On Tuesday, about 60 people came to the counter in St. Paul for turkey salads, sandwiches, and pita bread pockets filled with turkey, salami, jalapenos, olives, pepper and mozzarella. Despite a problem with the credit card machine that kept several customers waiting, Turkey to Go drew a consistent stream of people on Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune.

Many customers recognized the State Fair brand and welcomed it to their lunchtime food court in the Alliance Building. Some other customers complained about the absence of the Turkey to Go drumstick that is sold at the State Fair. The drumstick is not a part of the restaurant menu, but it can be purchased at the food truck, according to Levin.

We're ironing out all the kinks so when we open in Minneapolis, we are just ready to go," Levin said.

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