Drunk passenger charged with causing crash

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This story was reported by WCCO. One of the anchors introduced the lead and then the other anchor provided the nut graf.

The passenger of a car that lost control faces criminal charges for getting drunk and causing the crash. The accident happened last spring when Mollie Lenzi was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Then the second anchor introduced the report and noted that he would provide more details about how Lenzi faces legal trouble even though she was not behind the wheel.

James Schugel, the reporter, reintroduced the story with more details. It was April 19 when Lenzi and her friends headed to a St. Paul bar to celebrate her birthday. They had a designated driver, but on the way home, the driver said Lenzi "grabbed the steering wheel and turned it, causing the car to veer to the left, and crash into the median wall," according to court papers.

The story then switched from footage of a bar, Interstate 34, the court documents, to Schugel reporting in front of Regions Hospital. At that hospital, a state trooper had noted Lenzi's eyes were watery and bloodshot, and her speech was slurred. A blood test reveled that her alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit.

The Ramsey County Attorney charged her with causing the crash and injuring her driver.
The reporter interviewed a state trooper. "The state, regarding DWI, clearly states that a person only needs to be in physical control of a vehicle," said Lt. Eric Roeske. "In this particular case, that physical control was the passenger grabbing that steering wheel, causing the crash."

Then the story goes back to the female anchor. She noted that Lenzi's lawyer said the charges are just allegations at this point and wouldn't comment on them.

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