Hazing scandal involving drum major

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NBC Nightly News broadcasted this story.

The anchor says there are ongoing investigations in Florida after the suspected hazing death of a drum major at a university known for its marching band. Questions remain about the death of the student on a bus and determining if there was a pattern of unchecked behavior that went on in the marching band. After the introduction, the anchor says the reporter has more on the story.

Footage of the marching band is shown, while the sound-on-tape of the reporter's voice says the marching band at A & M University in Florida is well known for their precision and has performed for President Barack Obama and sports professionals alike.

The recent alleged hazing scandal left 26-year-old Robert Champion, a drum major, dead. He was found unconscious on the bus 2 weeks ago, shortly after the band had performed at a football game in Orlando.

The viewer sees the reporter then and he says the exact cause of Champion's death remains unknown. The details are unclear, but the university has expelled 4 students for their alleged roles in the incident.

More accusations of abuse are emerging, including a police report made by an 18-year-old band member. Another former band member also sued and settled with the university, and described on camera how he was beaten with a wooden paddle.

Julian White, the band director at A & M, has been fired. "In all cases where I suspect there's hazing involved, I take immediate action," White told NBC in an interview on tape.

Champion's parents say they plan on suing the university. Their son's death also prompted Florida Gov. Rick Scott to have all state universities review their anti-hazing policies, which is a statement both heard and seen by the viewer from a press conference held by the governor. The president of A & M says he vows to eliminate hazing on the school's campus, says the reporter.

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This is really awful. I hope the case will be resolved and if there is anyone responsible for this guy's death, he should get the punishment he deserves.

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