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Cargill cuts 2,000 employees

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KARE 11 reported this local story. The male anchor introduces the lead, saying that although the unemployment rate fell to its lowest point in 2 1/2 years, but Minnesota-based Cargill plans on cutting 2,000 employees right before the holiday season.

The anchor makes a transition to the reporter who has more information. She reports that Cargill confirms it has cut the positions, issuing a statement which says, "These actions are in response to the continued weak global economy."

The company has its headquarters in Minnesota and employs 138,000 people worldwide, the anchor reports. Cargill employees told KARE 11 that they were called in Thursday and let go without warning. The employees were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, which prevents them from speaking publicly about the cuts.

Then the story is put in a nationwide context. The reporter says the layoffs come just as the US unemployment rate is improving. The unemployment rate is at 8.6 percent, the lowest it's been since March 2009.

The reporter interviewed a woman who was laid off in January 2009, and again last month from her job at the Lowe's store in Rogers.

The reporter speaks live the entire time, but there are videos shown throughout the report. These videos include footage of Cargill's buildings and then the New York Department of Labor to provide a visual for unemployment nationwide.

Drunk passenger charged with causing crash

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This story was reported by WCCO. One of the anchors introduced the lead and then the other anchor provided the nut graf.

The passenger of a car that lost control faces criminal charges for getting drunk and causing the crash. The accident happened last spring when Mollie Lenzi was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Then the second anchor introduced the report and noted that he would provide more details about how Lenzi faces legal trouble even though she was not behind the wheel.

James Schugel, the reporter, reintroduced the story with more details. It was April 19 when Lenzi and her friends headed to a St. Paul bar to celebrate her birthday. They had a designated driver, but on the way home, the driver said Lenzi "grabbed the steering wheel and turned it, causing the car to veer to the left, and crash into the median wall," according to court papers.

The story then switched from footage of a bar, Interstate 34, the court documents, to Schugel reporting in front of Regions Hospital. At that hospital, a state trooper had noted Lenzi's eyes were watery and bloodshot, and her speech was slurred. A blood test reveled that her alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit.

The Ramsey County Attorney charged her with causing the crash and injuring her driver.
The reporter interviewed a state trooper. "The state, regarding DWI, clearly states that a person only needs to be in physical control of a vehicle," said Lt. Eric Roeske. "In this particular case, that physical control was the passenger grabbing that steering wheel, causing the crash."

Then the story goes back to the female anchor. She noted that Lenzi's lawyer said the charges are just allegations at this point and wouldn't comment on them.

Turkey to Go opens storefronts

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The Turkey to Go sandwich, a popular item at the Minnesota State Fair for 52 years, is now opening storefronts in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Owners Drew Levin and Dan Perkins opened the Skyway food court in the Alliance Bank Center in St. Paul on Tuesday. A second storefront in Minneapolis will open in early January, reports the Star Tribune.

On Tuesday, about 60 people came to the counter in St. Paul for turkey salads, sandwiches, and pita bread pockets filled with turkey, salami, jalapenos, olives, pepper and mozzarella. Despite a problem with the credit card machine that kept several customers waiting, Turkey to Go drew a consistent stream of people on Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune.

Many customers recognized the State Fair brand and welcomed it to their lunchtime food court in the Alliance Building. Some other customers complained about the absence of the Turkey to Go drumstick that is sold at the State Fair. The drumstick is not a part of the restaurant menu, but it can be purchased at the food truck, according to Levin.

We're ironing out all the kinks so when we open in Minneapolis, we are just ready to go," Levin said.

Presidential turkey bolts from cage at State Capitol

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Turkey Ted tried to make an escape Friday while in the governor's reception room at the State Capitol.

The turkey visited the State Capitol before a possible trip to the White House, along with a flock of 30 other presidential birds, reports the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune, the turkey bolted from his cage during Minnesota's annual turkey ceremony. Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar watched while Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson repenned the bird and calmed it down.

Then the turkey was placed on a table while Dayton, Klobuchar and others then petted the bird and press cameras snapped pictures.

Student from Willmar exposed Ted and the rest of his flock to light, sound and music, to help train the birds for their potential trip to the White House.

The two best behaved birds will be driven to the White House next week. The selected turkey will live out the rest of his days at Mount Vernon once pardoned by President Barack Obama.

Minnesota beats Bucknell 70-58

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The Gophers salvaged their season opener to beat the Bison 70-58 Friday night at Williams Arena.

The Gophers scored 25 points in the last five minutes of play and looked like a team capable of holding its own in the Big Ten, according to the Star Tribune.

Minnesota missed 12 free throws and went 7 for 25 from the field in the second half, but scrappy play allowed them to remain in the game, reports the Associated Press.

"I think the main thing was keeping confidence up," Austin Hollins said in the Star Tribune account. "In the locker room, we just stressed, 'Just keep shooting the ball, it will come. In the second half, it will come.' "

Trevor Mbakwe had 10 rebounds and went 9 for 13 from the free-throw line. Hollins scored 13 points, Julian Welch had seven points, two assists and two steals, and Ralph Sampson added eight points, nine rebounds, six assists and two blocks before he fouled out, reports the Associated Press.

This is the first time in 23 years that the Gophers have avoided defeat at home to start a season, according to the Associated Press.

Minnesota poll: Gambling top choice for Vikings stadium

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Minnesotans prefer using forms of gambling revenue instead of raising taxes if a new stadium for the Vikings is built, according to a Star Tribune Minnesota poll published Sunday.

The results of the poll show widespread support for a Minnesota Lottery Vikings scratch-off game, slots at horseracing tracks, and electronic pull tabs in bars and restaurants, reports the Saint Cloud Times.

About two-thirds of Minnesotans said keeping the Vikings in Minnesota is important, although 56 percent of those polled opposed using public money for a new stadium. Meanwhile, 37 percent favored using public money and 7 percent didn't know or refused to answer, according to the poll.

Support for using public money for a new Viking stadium has increased even in the last six months. Currently, 37 percent of those polled said they would favor using public money for a new Viking stadium while in May, 22 percent favored using public money.

The most recent poll surveyed 807 adults statewide between Nov. 2-3 and has a major of error plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

David Olson, a longtime anchor and news director at the University of Minnesota-owned and operated- radio station died Oct. 17. The Mendota Heights man died from a heart attack and was 92-years-old, according to the Star Tribune.

Olson had a long career in broadcast journalism. In the radio station's heyday, Olson produced and anchored the program "Scope," a one-hour weekly newscast. The station is now known as "Radio K," reports the Star Tribune.

"He could interview anyone about anything," Stuart Sanders, a longtime friend and development director at KUOM, told the Star Tribune.

Olson was also television host of Minnesota Senate Media Services "Capitol Report," reports Morrison Nilsen Funeral Chapel. He was a Scoutmaster, photographer, and aviation enthusiastic, Olson's wife told the Star Tribune.

Olson is survived by his wife, one son, and a sister.

Obituary: Renowned Mayo Clinic urologist Dr. David Utz

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Dr. David C. Utz, 87, a renowned urologist, died in his home Sunday, reported the Star Tribune.

Utz was born in 1923. During his career, Utz treated heads of state, celebrities, Supreme Court justices, and more.

"He treated every patient the same," his son, William Utz, told the Star Tribune. "He had a great heart and that was manifested by his kindness."

Dr. Utz spent 31 years at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The Mayo Clinic praised him as a pioneer because of his performance of a type of prostate surgery that formed the basis of the world's largest surgical prostate surgery database, according to the Star Tribune.

The physician was the author of 143 publications and 28 abstracts and editorials. After his retirement in 1988, Dr. and Mrs. Utz settled in Scottsdale, Ariz., reported the Post Bulletin.

Dr. Utz will be remembered as loving, of strong faith, and committed to his family. Dr. Utz will also be remembered for his devotion to his patients and friends who played an important role in his life, said the Post Bulletin.

A St. Paul teacher whose car struck and injured a 2-year-old while drunk driving was sentenced Thursday to 90 days in Ramsey County jail.

The Star Tribune reports Hamjatta Fofana, 53, has been fined $3,000 and put on probation for two years. Fofana may be eligible to serve the time on home electronic monitoring, under the sentence from Ramsey County District Judge Robyn Millenacker.

In April, Fofana had a blood alcohol concentration of .32 percent, four times the legal limit, an hour after hitting the girl in the parking lot of an East Side apartment building, reports the Star Tribune.

The Pioneer Press reports that according to the criminal complaint, the girl's mother pulled the girl from underneath the vehicle after Fofana struck her, and then he got out of the vehicle and walked off. Police found Fofana at his apartment nearby.

Fofana was charged with criminal vehicular operation and driving while intoxicated, and pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular operation.

Fofana, who has taught English as a second language in St. Paul since 1993, remains on paid administrative leave, said St. Paul schools spokeswoman Toya Stewart Downey to the Star Tribune. Decisions about Fofana's employment with the district have not been made, she said.

Synthetic drug case waiting for autopsy results

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The murder trial for a Minnesota man accused of providing a synthetic drug that killed a man at a Blaine party in March has been postponed pending final autopsy results, reports the Star Tribune.

Tim LaMere, 21, is charged with unintentional third-degree murder and accused of supplying the illegal drug 2C-E to Trevor Robinson, 19, who allegedly took the drug at the party in March and died hours later, reports the Associated Press.

The Associated Press also reports that Anoka County prosecutor Paul Young said at the pretrial hearing Friday that testing for synthetic drugs is so new that there is only one lab in the U.S. that can test a victim's body for evidence of 2C-E.

"They're still not sure what's in the descendent's blood," said defense attorney Brad Zunker in the Associated Press account.

According to preliminary autopsy results, Robinson died of cardiac arrest due to drug toxicity, reports the Star Tribune.

Judge Alan Pendleton put LeMere's trial on hold indefinitely. He set the next pretrial hearing for Nov. 30.

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