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No Go!

As for my first day, it went fine because I didn’t go. Last Saturday, I wrote that I think I will be able to make it to work but on the day I was suppose to go my torn tendon was just throbbing. I tried walking on it was it just wasn’t going to happen. I was still going to have to travel on crutches and that was the final point that made me decide that I wasn't going to go. As soon as I decided that I wasn’t going to go, I called up Kristopher and told him what I did. He was very nice and said that it is no problem and wished me the best. He also told me that he could set it up that I would go very Thursday to make it easy to know when to go. I think that works the best for me because that day I only have two classes on Thursday. The way that I would work my day would be to get up and get everything that I need for the day. I would go through all my classes and then go to the Coffman Union bus stop and get on the 2 at 1:30, or around that. In the time that I have between the community class and the bus would be a good time for me to eat lunch. I would rather eat lunch on campus because there really isn’t any places to eat on Franklin that I know of, but I could always just walk around and see when I finally get there.