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Another Google(ing) Day

I went to another day of community work for Open Arms of Minnesota. I walk in at 2 o’clock and go find Kristopher, who is the one person that really tells me what to do. We talked for about 5 to 10 minutes about how the past week went and really about the bomb threat. He heard about it on the news and wanted to know if what he heard was true and correct. I told him what I knew, which wasn’t too much. Then he started to explain what I was going to do for the day. After about 2 minutes of him explaining what it was I stopped him because it was the same thing I was doing last week. He got confused on who was the one that did it last week but he ended up remembering. So I took the names and companies of the donators and went to the same computer and got back to work. It went pretty much the same as the week before at least until I have to try to find information on the individual donors, which was much harder. The larger businesses are easier because they have a website that holds most of the information. This kind of work isn’t really what I was hoping for because I really can’t see the direct connection to the helping of these people but I guess the donors are helping and I’m helping getting the donors. In the end I guess I’m helping but it is not a very direct impact. I’m just hoping I will have a different job to do next week I am working.