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The Multiracial Suite

I first off did not think that Tiger Woods was needed for any of the articles to prove their points as Leonard Pitts Jr. points out: "why do you think Tiger Woods means a thing to me, a who cares less that a little about golf?" I share the same sentiment. My opinion, the census should not even exist. We are all americans, whether we are white, black, indian, alaskan, or even "Cablinasian". I think there should be no emphasis on race, becuase once we do in a place like america, it leads only to lots and lots of problems. I can only be flabbergasted by the statistic that some to most blacks cannot get a cab in New York or in most cities. To those taxi cab drivers reading my blog and are doing this outlandish, listen up! I am offended by you disregard of other americans as they are being drenched in the cold rain while your snuggled in your comfortable car! It is an outrage to hear such things! NO! To give such treatment to anyone should never be given the nomination American, a word so jam-packed with nationalism democracy. I belive I should rather step back from this subject now and return to te article. I found the article a bit long; the point the article was trying to make was powerful early and then was limping along the rest of the way.