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Stories on Strengthening Networks

One of the best ways to build social capital is to listen to or read about the stories of how others (individuals, organizations, communities) have strengthened their social capital.

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The basic idea of social capital is that your family, friends, associates – even acquaintances – are an important asset. You can tap that asset to survive a crisis, improve your financial footing, or just enjoy life more. This is true for individuals and for groups. Communities that have a rich and diverse stock of social networks and civic associations are less vulnerable, and can more easily tackle problems.


Jody, great job on starting a blog. At some point I will be able to effectively manage all the new technology and it will save me time and energy. I have a ways to go yet. I conducting my first design team meeting on Thursday in Worthington to build a community leadership program for Latinos. I will be interested in examining the SC within this population and how they are utilizing it.