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I have looked up to my high school physical education teacher for a long time. He has the life I strive to achieve. He is a physical education teacher and football and baseball coach as well. Since finishing my senior of high school I knew that I wanted to take on a very similar career to my high school phy ed teacher. This class will help me learn to reach my goals and become a successful physical education teacher and coach.

Although I am not certain what will be talked about in class this semester I'm sure I will gain a better understanding of how to successfully organize sporting activities and deal with the many problems that occur. I will learn how to become a better leader in order to gain the respect of the kids that I will be teaching.

At the end of the semester I will be more prepared to teach a physical education class along with become a successful coach. I will do this through learning to become a better leader and organizing activities to get the most out my students and athletes.

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