My Dream Job

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As I was growing up in Mahtomedi playing on George Smith Field I always wanted to become a professional football player. I grew up watching and idolizing football players wishing that one day I could become one. After hard work and dedication I received the opportunity to play at The U. Division One football is one step away from that next level, the NFL. I have seen and played players in the NFL and have realized how difficult it is to become a professional but that only makes me work that much harder. My main goal since I was little is to make it to the NFL. My dream is to play in the NFL for a reasonable amount of years, retire and go back to Mahtomedi and coach the football team where I grew up. I know that this is a long shot, but I will try to achieve this goal.

This course is going to help me in many ways to achieve this goal. The main way it is going to help me is by teaching me the the many things involved in coaching a team, on and off the field.

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