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"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes... and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

I wanted to start with this great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt because I truly believe that our philosophies, especially while coaching, are not to be expressed in words, but in our actions. That being said, the assignment was to state our philosophy in words, so here is my coaching philosophy:

"I believe in commitment. Each player should develop an understanding and value for commitment to their teammates, to practice, to good grades, to family, and to every second they play the game. I will be committed to getting to know each one of my players personally, and I am committed to helping them become the best they can be by pushing their boundaries and making their best efforts even better. I believe in strong work ethic. I expect the players to show up ready to practice and play everyday, and give it 110% everyday just as I plan to give them. I believe in improvement. Every year there should be improvement in skill, experience, and decision-making on and off the court. I am there for every player to come to with questions, concerns, and comments, and I am there to teach them about the game and about life by guiding them in the right direction by giving them both negative and positive feedback. I believe that every player should have the same belief in themselves and the team, as I have in them."

I feel that sharing my philosophy with my athletes on the first day of practice is very important so they know my expectations, and they understand my way of coaching. I am very open for questions and willing to explain to not only my players, but to parents, spectators, administrators, or to anyone that questions or has concerns about my philosophy. However, I really feel that to truly articulate my philosophy one must see me in action.

I believe that I follow the Syncretism school of philosophy because I like to pick and choose my favorite parts of all the different schools of philosophy to make one well-rounded school, rather than sticking to one set of principles from one specific school. I believe that players learn a lot just from playing and building experience, which is the part of the realism school I like to follow. However, I believe also in the idealism school where it is teacher-focused and that the student gains experience on his/her own, but also is receiving feedback from the coach. Finally, I believe communication and change is key for every organization, (on and off the court/field) which is where pragmatism school also falls into my beliefs. Finding the right balance of these three can be difficult, but that is why I believe I follow the Syncretism school of philosophy.

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

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