Role of significant others, particularly coaches in moral development

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A lot of us who have been active in sports credit a lot of our moral development to coaches we have had in the sporting world. Obviously for most the primary role models in terms of moral development is our parents. They teach us basically values of right and wrong and for better or worse we get a lot of our beliefs from them. As we age and start to spread our wings other significant people in our lives begin to teach us societal norms and values. For those of who grew up playing sports non-stop coaches are huge in moral development. We learn the games, how to play, the rules, what is right and wrong. I learned good habits and bad habits from coaches. Often times teams and players take on the personality of their coaches. This can be good and bad.

As we become coaches we have to keep in mind that we are developing more than game plans and strategies. We are role models. I am always cognizant that my players are watching me and their parents are watching me. If I get upset with a call I cannot throw a temper tantrum or show up the umpire. My players see that and may take liberties of their own. Off the field I need to teach players that the sport is not the be all end all. If I let them get by with being a problem in the classroom or neglect their studies I am not a good coach. We are helping to mold young men and women. My philosophy is to lead by example. If player see me trying to shortcut the rules or let them get away with mouthing off to referees they may take that to the field themselves. You always have to be aware that impressionable people are watching you. Respect your players, their parents, the officials and the game itself. Do not allow your players shortcuts or to skirt the rules of the game or your program. Sports play a big part in the development of many young men and women. As coaches you need to realize this and remember that winning at all costs is not worth the damage it may do to your players

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