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I imagine myself on a driving range, fully lined with kids who have very little experience in swinging a golf club. As they stand there eager to whack the ball, I try my best to coach them on how to swing the club. As a realist, I don't necessarily believe that there is only one way to teach these kids how to golf, but there are certain aspects of a certain swing that work better. I need to tell them that having the tee a certain length will work better. They also need to know that counting to three before they make contact will be better. They need to see that having a follow through will help the ball go farther. I think I am a realist because I would let the kids realize that these methods of swinging are better than the others. I want them to see for themselves that the skills I am teaching them really will help the ball go farther and straighter. As a realist, it is important that I don't only teach one way and ignore the others. I want the kids to come to a realization that the things I explain, really work the best in perfecting the golf swing.
If I had to describe my realist coaching methods to others, I would use the words learning and developing, improving and dedication. By showing learners the ways that statistically work best, I would hope that they catch on and develop these skills over time. After seeing that what I suggested works, I would hope they would have a desire to become dedicated to the sport of golf and learn more to keep improving.

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