the steps in becoming an athletic director (kin 3143)

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There was this guy at my high school. It was his job to schedule refs, find buses, and plan gym and ice time. He was always on the phone or always checking the calendar. His job seemed the most important to me. He was our Athletic Director. He was in charge of the one thing kids found enjoyable about high school. I want to be him. I want to succeed in planning, managing and organizing major events for my community. There are the choir concerts, the drama plays, the Friday night football games, the weekend hockey or basketball tournaments. I want to be the one that is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly as possible. This class will help me to do so. I mean the title of our book is "Administration and Management of Physical Education and Athletic Programs". Key words there are management of athletic programs. This course will help me learn techniques for better success in being an athletic director.

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