Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. -Tony Robbins

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What needs to be done? When does it need to be done by? Is it being done correctly? What do we have to work with? Who is making the decisions? Who resolves problems? These are just a few of the very broad questions that are considered in the decision making process, but how one handles these questions, or what questions one considers more important than the other are all based on your individual decision making styles.


I have worked under a few different decision makers, and they all seem to have their own style in every extreme. First, I would say that the current job I am at is a disturbance handler that ranks about 0 on the continuum. This manager is there to make sure we do our job correctly and controls the overall environment without us giving any input for future changes. Second, I worked at a local extension office where my manager wore every hat. She created new projects for me daily to work on, she dealt with any problems the program had, she decided how the fair was going to run, and she found all the resources and divided them as she felt necessary. I believe she was about a 5 on the continuum. She had many people that were below her that she loved to hear their opinion on and would look at every item from multiple perspectives, but in the end she was the one that set the final decision with everyone's advice in mind. Finally, I worked as a lifeguard for three years in high school, and my manager here was maybe a 1 on the continuum and served mostly as the negotiator. She rarely came to check on things as the pool because the lifeguards had all the responsibilities there and make all the decisions as a team. The only time she would get involved is if we specifically asked her about certain question in which she would most of the time work out over phone calls, but in the end would let us decide the outcome.


I would mostly prefer to work under someone that is a 5 on the continuum and takes many different managerial roles. I prefer this because I feel as if my opinion matters to them and if we are working as a team, however, they are still above me in work structure and I believe they should have enough power to make the final decision. I also like when managers are able to take on multiple roles because you can go to them for many different things and get to know them on a more personal level.

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I see myself mostly playing the role of the entrepreneur and disturbance handler because I like to have the control of the environment around me and I like to try new projects often so work does not become a bore. I would see myself being about a 4 on the continuum because again I like to have control and the final say when making a decision, but I do believe it is important to hear what other have to say and include people that will be affected by the decision in the decision process.

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