Decisions, decisions.

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There are many things that might influence how someone in command chooses to make a decision. One factor is how important the decision is. If the results of the decision are going to affect a lot of people or the company as a whole in a big way, he/she might decide to make the decision on their own or only consult a few others. A second factor is the time frame in which the decision needs to be made. When a decision needs to be made quickly, it might be hard to get everyone's input. No matter the factors, people often have their own decision-making styles.

I work at the Gopher Ticket Office in the phone bank as a part of the Fan Relations Department. I, along with the other students in the phone bank, get paid hourly, and not very much at that. We definitely have the least amount of power. However, I feel very involved in the decision making. We are the ones who deal with 99% of the customers on a day-to-day basis and we are the ones who work every sporting event. My boss and the other ticket managers frequently consult us about what we are hearing from customers, things that we think would make communication between us and our customers better, etc. I feel very lucky to work in a place that values everyone's opinions and ideas equally. It feels like a family, as corny as that may sound. I do not plan on becoming a manager, but as a coach or teacher, I do plan on involving others in my decisions. I like to know what other people are thinking. That is how great ideas are created: teamwork.

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