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My bosses in the past have always tended to be more on the delegation side of the continuum than the deciding side. The two jobs that I held for the longest amount of time both involved tennis coaching for another coaches business. Naturally, there were a lot of decisions that I was delegated to make on my own. Even though I was working under someone, I still was responsible for planning lessons and deciding how to execute them with the various people I coached. Neither of the bosses wanted to be a part of the decision making process when it came to lesson planning. There were still some areas of the job that required consultation between other coaches working in the business such as scheduling of practices, but I mainly had to make decisions on my own.

Additionally, I feel that being an athlete here at the U has been like a job. While fun and exciting, there has always been responsibilities, a schedule to adhere to, goals to achieve, and things that were expected from me on a daily basis. If I wasn't producing a certain standard of effort or performance, then I may not maintain a position. These factors are all relatable to having a job. Therefore, I could consider my head coach to be the boss. His management style was also more skewed towards delegation and the the facilitation of groups to figure it out than deciding. He always said to the players, that this is our team and we should take ownership of it and what we want. We always had the opportunity to have a say in decisions. For some things, it was just the opportunity to voice our opinions and for other things it was the final say.

While I have only been exposed to management where I am more likely to help make decisions than have them made without having a say, I have always enjoyed this style and think has influenced myself be a manager of this style in the future.


I like the connection you made to being an athlete at the U to having a job. Do you think that your coach's delegation of tasks made the team more cohesive and motivated?

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