Globalization and Industrialization of Sport

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Globalization and industrialization have impacted the structure of sport organizations tremendously. The level at which athletes of all ages play is much higher than it has been even ten years ago. There is also a much larger role in the administration of sport; many more people are involved. This requires the structure of the organization to change. Athletes are becoming better and better at younger ages because they work all year round. It is hard to find the top athletes who don't work year long on their specific sport. Those who take seasons off, tend to lose valuable advancement of the sport. Ten years ago, there were not many people who were playing year round; breaks were good. There are players being recruited all around the world in every sport; this too was less common ten years ago. With a growing global industry of sport, many more people are becoming involved. There are specific administrative personal that do research on people around the world and do recruitments. Because there are so many people being recruited from other countries, companies such as ESPN are being televised globally. The organizational structures of large sport companies have grown and expanded.

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