I like to have peas in the pod!

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When it comes to decision styles of previous managers that i've had, it most certainly has been on both sides of the continuum. I've had managers that do not trust you to make the decisions and so they make all the choices and say exactly what they want, how they want it, and a deadline. however, i've also had some managers that do not really care about what happens as long as the issue is taken care of. They delegate it off to someone and just assume it will get taken care of. Both styles have their ups and downs. With the more decisive manager it was nice because you knew exactly what they wanted, how it was supposed to be done, and by when. There was no grey area and not questions asked. However, it would be problematic when their deadlines were too short, or if you hit a road block because you as the worker couldn't just make things up on your own to fix it, you had to consult them, and then they'd get mad because it wasn't done how they wanted it even though their was impossible. However, the distinctions were clear of what needed to be done. On the other hand, i had a manager who seemed like he didn't caer about anything, an issue would come his way, he'd brush it off and tell you casually that this is an issue and something should happen with it. He gave no direction whatsoever and seemed like whenever it got done would work. It was sometimes nice to have this creative freedom in the workplace except when you're not exactly sure whhat you can do to fix the issue, and the manager cared less about it. He also would delegate it off and never check up on it again, so basically passing the torch and never rethinking the matter. It got quite frustrating but there again i had freedom to do whatever i wanted to resolve the issues.

If i were to prefer a style it'd be somewhere right in the middle. I like managers that care about the work we do and actually put some effort into the matter. An ideal manager would be one that acknowledges the issue, brings people into it, sets up quidelines, but doesn't give out step by step instructions, as long as the issue were resolved they'd be content. This way they're still involved in the decision process and it gives their employees some say in what happens.

My style is to be in the middle. I like it when everyone can get together and form some sort of consensus. As i mentioned before, it is good for the manager to care about it, but not be so anal that it's their way or no way. Things happen and can change constantly, if you let your employees work within their own minds things will get accomplished much faster, but in order to ensure that they're done correctly and in a timely manner. Therefore, just delegating it off and forgetting it isn't the way to go, nor is just doing it yourself. You need that fine balance of just the right mix so that efficiency is attainable. A pea pod must come together to acheive it's goals, and it takes more than just one pea to get it done, however they all work together!

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