Making the right decision

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I've always thought that when making a decision, particularly a big decision, that it is best to get feedback and opinions from as many people as possible. In my past work experience, my supervisors have always asked for opinions on certain decisions from myself and other employees. When I was working at Target a few years ago, my supervisor asked for my input on a decision because I was one of the most experienced team members that he had. He asked for my input because he felt that I was experienced enough to make a decision, and he respected my opinion on that decision.

I prefer to work with someone who looks for input from other people when making a decision. Even if the manager disagrees with an opinion, it still makes people feel like their voice is heard when they are asked for feedback on a potential decision. My past experiences have made me realize the importance of seeking out opinions from other people when making a decision. I will still have the last call on the decision, but getting opinions from as many people as possible gives me a good idea of what the rest of the people in the company would like to see happen, and that should always be important for a manager.

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