2 Factor Theory

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The time I felt the most satisfied would have been during the middle of last season. I had played great for 3 consecutive games and Coach Kill called me in the office for a meeting. He told me that he wanted me to keep up the good work and continue doing well and he could easily see me being a leader for the team the next couple of years. After this discussion i found a way to work even harder and let my leadership show through my performance on the field. When I felt the most dissatisfied was my junior year of high school. I was almost kicked off the football team for a fight in school, and my coach told me that i had one more chance or i was done. This made me very angry at times but I think at the same time it taught me self-discipline and would end up making me a better person. No this doesn't support Herzberg's theory fully. The motivation factor does but the hygiene factor it does not.

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