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As an employer at my current job at lifetime, I respect my boss a lot. I have felt most satisfied recently when talking to her about my future and what plans I have for myself and at that company.

It all started off with me applying for the job because I was looking for a new job, and it lead me to a life changing opportunity. After just a few months I moved up to being a superior of kids activities and I realized this is where i want to spend my future, at this company in this program. I talked to her about having different classes for kids at the gym that are not already offered, and i was told that I can do what ever I want and teach what ever i want as long as I have enough kids to support the budget. She is gibing me the freedom to be and do anything I want in this company with the hopes of me taking over her job one day.. This has changed my whole perspective and outlook and life and has lead me to love going to my job, love talking to my boss and finding new ways to grow and improve in the company.

When i have felt most dissatisfied as an employer is when i was a manager at my old job, and my immediate supervisor did not appreciate me and she made it well known. This made me not like going to work and working with her, it made me feel that I was not important to her as a member of her management team and eventually lead me to quitting the job that I was at for 5 years because of her poor management skills that she had the 10 months she was their.

My experience at lifetime is related to Herzbergs two factor theory because I have a motivating boss that is letting me write my own lesson plans and grow into a better individual and worker with these responsibilities and giving me the opportunities to be promoted and in turn get a better salary with the more duties i take on.

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