Combating stereotypical gender roles in coaching and sport management

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It is weird how when a topic comes up in one class, you hear about it in another class the very next day. I read an article today that examined volunteers in youth sports, particularly soccer and Little League Baseball/Softball. It talks about how male volunteers typically end up coaching and female volunteers end up as the "team parent" more commonly referred to as "team mom." And when interviewed those involved said that was just the way it turned out even when efforts were made to get volunteers to go outside their "gender roles."

As far as coaching goes I do not understand why there are not more women head coaches even in women's sports. That needs to be corrected first. I understand that getting women more involved in coaching men, especially at high levels is going to take time, but there is no reason for the discrepancy in women sport. As far as sport managers people need to get out of their mindset of typical gender roles. Everyone has a right to lead their life however they want to. You can believe what you want to believe in. This is America. But there is no reason that many women get stuck at a middle management level. Some forward thinkers are going to have go against the grain. From what I know about Major League Baseball there is a very qualified woman general manager candidate. This would be huge, very similar to the color barrier being broken. I know she has interviewed for a couple GM jobs and the owner who takes the chance will open a whole new door in major professional sports.

One final idea relates back to the dad as coach and mom as the "team mom" in youth sports organizations. I dont think their is any malicious intent. These are after all volunteers. But always having dad as coach and someone's mom as the team mom is how generation after generation has been socialized into accepting these traditional gender roles. Hopefully some of us as KIN majors who take this class can start to make changes. Be a "team dad." Yeah maybe you might get some comments, but this isnt high school. It is about helping the kids. And in doing this or accepting your wife as your son's little league coach can be a huge first step in resocializing a new generation

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