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How I have been evaluated as a competitive cheerlder over the years is very fuzzy. This is because other than at tryouts to decide what level team I make for the year I have hardly been evalauted. How we place at competitions, and how we did as a team is alwasys talked about at the next practice but hardly on an individual level unless it was something major. However, we did have one form of summative evaluation after the season one year.
There are standards on what skills one should be able to execute on levels 1-6 and our coaches had us individually execute the skills in order until we were not able to complete one by ourself. If we couldn't do one skill, we were not able to move on to the one after this. This determined which competitive level we should be on, and we got certificates, however our team placements for the following year were not solely based on that test. As a coach this is something I would want to change. I would want to give formative evaluations to the individual throughout the season so the athlete knows where she/he is at given the level of team they are on. I want this to be used as a guideline to individual goal settings.

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