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Honestly I went into these presentations expecting to be bored and hear a lot of the same things. But I was presently surprised. There was a lot of diversity in what people did. It was interesting to see what kind of fields kinesiology students are planning on going into. I especially enjoyed hearing about people who shadowed coaches as that is one of my areas of interest. Occasionally I feel like I do a lot of work coaching a 9th grade baseball team. But I am just on the ground floor of coaching work. It is time consuming and unless you make it big time it probably does not compensate fairly with the time required. Some people really went all out and committed more time than the minimum 8 hours and that probably is a good measuring stick to how much they enjoy their prospective career (although class schedule probably played a part with that too).

The presentations were diverse, informative, interesting, and in some cases funny. People were creative in how they put their experience together and many in the class asked good questions. The whole experience was beneficial to me both in my own project and in learning about other people's projects

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Exactly what types of presentations were these? Which one of them appealed to you the most? Londoner

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