So little time, so much to do

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First and foremost, I want to point out the obvious. I learned the specific job titles and fields that people are trying to use this class to progress. From personal experience, I can take parts of my job and apply them to aspects we have learned in class; I feel as if everyone else has been able to also apply these same lessons in their time shadowing.

Other than the most obvious, I have learned that there are so many areas that you can take a coaching type class' lessons. Some people might have to go an extra long time in more schooling in order to become their dream job while others have started now while in college. The road is so different for so many people and it is so weird to think of where you are in your journey and what lies ahead of you compared to the rest of the class.
Respecting everyone's dream is important because we are trying to boost these sports world jobs and I guess it starts with a presentation like this one.

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