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Over the past three class periods I have heard many presentations about my fellow classmates and their professional development projects. Something that struck me was the amount of coaches and teachers that are in the class, and how the majority of those want to do both. It speaks to the quality of the high school coaches that we have that the students would want to follow in their footsteps and teach/coach high school student-athletes. Most people shadowed someone close to them, someone they were familiar with. This level of familiarity added to the comfort level of everyone, and allowed them to get the full benefit of the experience. I know it helped me a lot to be comfortable with the person that I was shadowing, and I think it allowed both of us to be more candid when having certain discussions.

Overall my takeaway from this experience and from listening to everyone's presentations is that we all want to help people, if not teaching and coaching then in some sort of medical profession. We have all had good experiences and mentors growing up, and now we all gained experience from those people and that will help us become the people that we want to be down the road. We want to give back and help young people by taking our experience and knowledge, and passing it down to the younger generation so they can have the same types of experiences that we all had.

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