You can always spot a freshman student!

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As a freshman, you walk into a building and hope that they have a clear layout with big signs that will tell you exactly where your classroom is! However, as many of us can recall this is not the case! Generally you wander aimlessly until you find that little classroom that barely has it's numbers on the door. It is very noticeable for anyone to see that you're lost, and that you have never been in the building before. The layouts are never clear in the buildings on campus. Even the ones with signing can still be confusing and generally are not very clear! Therefore, you are always able to spot out the freshman who have no idea where they're going in Coffmann Union, or just around campus for that matter. Although, I'm convinced that as you grow older you just get better at disguising your aimless wanders, make it look like you wanted to be there, whereas freshman have no idea. that's what i do anyhow while i look for places that I'm trying to find!

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