November 14, 2007

OBE Moderen Panopticons

I can think of two examples of modern day Panopticons. One I hope none of us will ever have to experience, and the other is one that we see everyday. The first example is in the American prison system. The highest maximum security prisons have prisons inside the prisons. This prison is for the worst of the worst criminals that they can not control they put in this place. This prison is modeled exactly after the Panopticon the cells are in a circle there is a guard tower in the middle, you can not see out of the cells there is only one to a cell. The prisoners can not hear anyone or see anyone. There is a guard in the tower that through cameras can see into every cell. These terrible criminals are controlled and disciplined just as the ones in the Panopticon they do not know if they are being watched, and they don’t want to be they don’t like the attention so they behave and don’t act out so as not to attract attention to them selves. This shows us that the discipline we read about in this article is real and does work in real life examples literally. One person through this machine has power over hundreds criminals.
The second example I am not sure works for sure, but I think that reality T.V. can be an example of the Panopticon machine. People on reality T.V. are being watched all the time and they have a camera on them all the time and they do not see exactly who is watching them. This machine works in polar opposite of the prison machine. People on reality T.V. want to be watched they want the attention so they will do outrageous things to keep the cameras on them; and who ever is watching to pay attention to them and not something else. The producers know this and this is how they discipline these reality “prisoners? if they do not act the way the producers want the producers take the cameras off them. To get them back they do something crazy which is what the producer wants so through the cameras he or she has all the power to control these people. It may be a stretch but I think it may work in some ways.