August 17, 2006


I had a tough time deciding whether I should attend the University of Minnesota or Pepperdine University. Attending Pepperdine was my "pie in the sky" school as my middle school TAG teacher, Mrs. Reed would say; it was the one of the school that I wasn't sure I would get into. I was actually visiting Pepperdine, which is in Malibu, California, when I found out that I was accepted into the Carlson School of Management at the U. Pepperdine not releasing their acceptance letters until early April, I put off making up mind until I found out if I was accepted to Pepperdine. When the acceptance letter did arrive, I was estatic, yet quite sick that now I finally had to make up my mind. As time dwindled away and that final May 1 deadline approached my mind continued to change. I finally decided that the U was a better fit for me. My brother lives in Minneapolis, so if I need anything he will be there. The Carlson School of Management is an opportunity I could not pass up. Also, I just was not sure that I was ready to be a five hour plan ride away from home. I hope I made the right decision, a little part of me will always regret not attending Pepperdine.