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Article for Week of 9/26: Stress


Here is the article about stress for the week of Septemer 26. This is an article by one of the most famous stress and psychology researchers, Robert Sapolsky. It's mainly about how stress--a psychological variable--impacts our brain, an undeniably physical part of ourselves. You'll hear more from Dr. Sapolsky in a video we'll watch in class on how important social relationships are to our experience of stress and its impact on our bodies.

In the mean time, have a good week! And don't get too stressed about the beginning of the semester! And don't forget to post your blog entry about stress by Midnight on Sunday, September 25.


Reading 1: Attachment

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Please read this article for our first day of class. It is a chapter from a great book by a well-known social psychologist named Jonathan Haidt. It describes one of the primary relationship theories in psychology, Attachment Theory.

J. Haidt Attachment Chapter.pdf

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