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I thought this article was very interesting, but it left me wondering about a lot of things, like why males are miscarried more, why they have developmental disorders more, and why you would be less likely to have a male as you get older. I like to know the scientific reasons behind things. The article said there are more male than female embryos, which also leaves me wondering why more males are conceived, do sperm with the y chromosome have an advantage? I think it's interesting that more males are miscarried, because my grandma, my mom's mom had 11 children, but all girls. She had at least one miscarriage I know, and my mom said that the doctors thought that she couldn't have a boy for some reason. It seems like out of that many kids you would have at least one boy. On the other side, my dad's mom had four boys, and no girls. And on my dad's side, I have only two biological female cousins compared to eight male cousins, and my three brothers. I know that technically the chance of having a boy is 50%, I know how meiosis and fertilization works, but it leaves me wondering if your chance of having a boy or a girl is somehow genetic, like some males produce better x chromosome sperms, some produce better y chromosome sperm, some females are more likely to carry a male to birth. Just a thought.
I know that one reason males are more likely to get diseases is because they only have one x chromosome. This only accounts for sex-linked diseases, but there are a lot of those. It seems like with their active ,adventurous, risk-taking lifestyle they would be more susceptible to causing their bodies stress, and becoming more susceptible to disease and injury. Women are more likely to seek medical or psychological attention for their problems than men, and with our emotional mind set we are more able to handle our stress by using our relationships (with other women) to help ourselves cope.
Males may be the stronger sex physically, but females are more hardy and just as, if not more intelligent. And in many species of animals, it is the female who is stronger, bigger, and superior. I think it's funny when males act superior than women, when my guy friends make "get back in the kitchen jokes" to us girls, because in some species of animals, there are no males at all. And these animals aren't microscopic animals you wouldn't ever take notice of. There is an all-female species of lizard. There is a shark that gave birth to a baby without ever having sex, when this species of shark was known to be sexually reproducing. This could potentially happen in humans, a female could develop a mutation that allows her to have clones of herself as babies, like in the case of the shark and the species of lizards. Males, you are great and all, but we could get along without you.

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Interesting idea! How would the world change if males ceased to exist? I don't think I'd ever want this happen, but I'm curious what it would look like?

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