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The article entitled "Could your partner be bad for your health?" spoke of the fact that individuals, both married and cohabitating, affected each other's eating habits. This made a lot of sense to me, especially after listening to the research done regarding roommates and their affect on each others' eating habits. Being in a similar living situation, of course this would make sense; also, as the couples would have more attachment than one would have to their roommate, it seemed rational that the couples would have more influence. When two people are living together, there is a compromise on what they are buying for food, therefore affecting what each person is eating.
I enjoyed the portion of the initial article that showed the changes of eating habits before marriage, right after marriage began, and a bit into the marriage. It was very interesting to me when the article stated that men made more changes than women. It said that initially what the husband preferred was very influential, but that influence decreased the longer the marriage went on. This makes sense, as when the marriage was first starting, the women (who were more than likely the ones in charge of making the meals) were attempting to accommodate their husband's desires, but as the relationship went along they were less concerned about the impression and began to go back to other meals and cooking styles. With the fact that women were doing a lot of the cooking, it made sense to me that they had more affect on their spouses' eating habits than vice versa - they are, after all, in control of the food coming in.
"Moving into marriage was associated with weight gain in women but not
men, while moving out of marriage was associated with weight loss in men but not women." I found this quote very interesting, as it hit upon some concepts that we had covered in discussion. We've discussed how women need to be physically attractive to attract men; after they are in a relationship, they do not need to worry about that as much as they did before. I found the second part of the quote surprising...why would men be the ones loosing weight? It would make sense that once a man got out of a relationship, he would spend more time with his male friends, engaging in the 'male approved' activities of sports and working out more than he had previously.
I liked the articles that dealt with the family meal. I have always felt that eating as a family is important, and I can personally attest to the fact that once I started coming home later and missing dinner with my family, my eating habits worsened. It was a lot easier to eat junk food or skip meals when there wasn't the rest of my family there to hold me accountable and set a good example. It made sense to me that the kids that weren't eating with their families were at higher risk of smoking and other things like that - no matter if your family is close or not, having them all together and there is a constant reminder that they are there for you and support you, which would make it harder to make poor choices.

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