Families eating together

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These articles made a lot of sense to me. When I was younger, we always tried to have family meals whenever possible. When I was little, we mostly had to work around my dad's work schedule, but as I got older we had to work around my extra-curriculars and school events. Now, whenever I come home from college we make sure to have at least one home cooked meal together while I am home. My friends and I now try to have a night at least once a week where we all get together and go to a dining hall together. It's nice to have a sense of family here at college, even though I'm eating with my friends instead of my family.
Whenever we had family meals, we normally had the tv off. The only thing we ever watched was the news, and that was rarely. I was surprised in that the article said it didn't make much of a difference if the tv was on or off. I thought that having it on would make conversation much more scare, although it would probably depend on what was on.
It definitely makes sense that husbands would have a more negative effect on their wives eating habits. Women typically eat healthier because they are more into watching their weight and their nutrition. Because of this, women have more of a positive influence on men's diets after they get married. Women are usually the ones cooking, so they want to cook things that their husband likes. Therefore, they would probably end up cooking more unhealthily than they did before they got married.
For the homework assignment, I decided to drink soda instead of my usual milk or juice. My friends know that I rarely drink soda, so they immediately asked me why I decided to drink soda instead. I just shrugged it off, but I could tell they thought it was weird.

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