Gender Differences and "The Weaker Sex"

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I was really surprised by the contents of this article. Prior to reading this, I had no clue that male fetuses are the bigger percentage of miscarriages, that boys have a greater chance of having a learning disability, or that teenage boys are more likely to commit suicide than girls.
In my opinion, the subject of depression in males should be brought to the forefront. The stigma attached to male depression is a dangerous one. Gender should not matter when dealing with depression; if someone is sad enough to take their own life, they need attention. People close to me have suffered from depression, both male and female, and the article is completely correct in stating that guys tend to hide their feelings. When my brother was really upset and wanted to talk to me about it, he would approach me almost shamefully, as if it was grievous personal weakness that he felt sad or insecure about something. If at fourteen someone feels pressured by influences to feel bad about feeling bad, what are the potential consequences of that compartmentalization and inability to effectively communicate and cope with serious emotions? Society should take more steps to treat males with depression because ultimately, it's not a question of gender--it's a matter of giving a human being adequate medical treatment.

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