Gender: The Weaker Sex

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This article has a very different perspective on gender roles. The stereotype has always been that women are weaker than men. Being compared to a woman is considered insulting for a man, for example, they don't want to "throw like a girl". This article shows that being a woman is actually a benefit. Women's health was neglected in studies for so long that now it has become a priority in order to show that that is not the case anymore. This means that now men's health is not being studied as frequently as it once was. It has been known for a while that women live longer than men now. This article shows how medical studies and neglecting men's health may be a contributing factor to this.
Boys are known to mature more slowly than girls. I never really thought about the fact of women live longer relating to the fact that they mature faster. This article points out how men maturing more slowly, take more risks, and learn more slowly all attribute about to men dying sooner. I have always noticed how my guy friends have a different idea of fun than my girlfriends and I do. Boys like to play violent video games, play rough sports, and do more dangerous things to occupy themselves. Girls tend to enjoy more relaxed activities rather than roughing it up. Obviously this is a general idea, and I don't mean to say that all boys are risk takers and all girls are not.
This article also brings up the fact that men are told to suppress their emotions from an early age. This also contributes to their health problems because they are less likely to bring up a problem than women are. In my experience, most of the men I know are not as likely to ask for help as the women I know. Men are also more likely to get a serious disease or an infection than women. As a whole, I found this article to be very interesting. There were many key contributors mentioned to the fact that men have more undiagnosed health problems and that they live for less time than women.

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