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I think that this study that links promiscuity is interesting, and from looking at people I know, it seems to be true. Most of my friends who seem the happiest are in monogamous relationships, and they wait to have sex until they are secure in the relationship, usually after a few months. People I know who have a lot of sexual partners and don't wait until their relationship is secure to have sex do seem more depressed, and their relationships never last long. But I want to know if promiscuity leads to depression or if depression leads to promiscuity. It seems like someone who is already depressed will try to makes themself feel better by having sex, because in that moment you feel good. Afterwards when the guy doesn't talk to you again it makes you feel more depressed, so it kind of seems like a cycle.
This is also kind of confusing, because I have always thought that a good sex drive is healthy. It seems like people who are uninterested in sex aren't very happy either. So if you are a girl with a high sex drive then are you doomed to depression until you find a good mate? And if you have a lot of sexual partners does that mean your future monogamous relationship is less likely to be successful?
I think that Planned Parenthood's philosophy on sex is the right one, and what should be taught. Sexual education programs should recognize that teenagers are going to have sex no matter what. Abstinence programs make those who are sexually active feel bad about themselves, and group anyone who is sexually active with people who engage in dangerous sex.Education programs should take sex seriously, and educate teens about the dangers of sex, and how to prevent them. I also think they should emphasize that it is good to wait for somebody, like the article said the successful abstinence based education programs did.


"But I want to know if promiscuity leads to depression or if depression leads to promiscuity." I think this is a very good point. It does indeed seem like a continuous cycle.

Great points! What exactly is the Planned Parenthood approach to sex ed? Explain it to us, please :-)

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