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I found the article, Stress and Your Brain, to be very interesting because I could relate to it. My great uncle fought in Vietnam and suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which this article goes into great detail about. I only experienced one of my uncle's flash backs in person but I read about many of them in my great aunt's book. The one that I experienced in person was when we were at my cousin's birthday party and my little brother slammed the door to the bathroom really hard as he was running away from my other little brother and my uncle fell to the floor and covered his head and started yelling. I was a lot younger at the time and it wasn't explained to me what he was doing and it wasn't until I actually read my aunt's book that I fully understood what he was doing. Her book is called Shock Waves: A Practical Guide to Living with a Loved One's PTSD. She goes into depth with stories about my great uncle and how to cope with the disorder as well as how to determine whether or not your loved one actually has the disorder. This article helped to give a little more insight on why this happens at the anatomical level. I was surprised at how common it was!
I am looking forward to the new research on this topic to see what else they can figure out because it seemed like they were really unsure in the article. I'm also curious as to how stress for an exam or running late while in traffic affects the brain if it does at all because they didn't really go into too much detail about minor stress. School work is what stresses me out the most and I would like to know if that has any affect on my health and what I can do to relieve that stress. Usually I complain to someone around me but that causes me more stress because I'm wasting time complaining and less time on the actual work that I have to do.
I plan on keeping up with this research so I can understand how to cope with minor stress more effectively.
This link will take you to a brief summary of what my great aunt's book is about if you're interested. Site

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