The Weaker Sex

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I found this article to be very interesting. I knew there were obvious differences in the genetics of males and females, and thus it makes sense that there would be differences in their immune systems and chemical balances in the brain. However, I never knew that males had a higher rate of miscarriages than females, or that males in their teens are more likely than females in their teens to commit suicide. After reading, I fully agree that these differences in health dangers of males and females must be brought to the forefront. Also, I think that part of the issue at hand is, as mentioned in the article, the fact that it if part of the social norm for males to suppress pain and emotions and "be a man." This suppression of natural reactions to stressors in our day to day lives is not healthy, especially since as we discussed previously, their stress levels are likely to be heightened, taking a toll on their mind and immune system.
As far as developmental differences, in watching my younger siblings grow up, two boys and one girl, I have been able to witness first hand the tendency for girls to develop faster. My little sister, who has a twin brother, learned to crawl, walk, and talk before her twin, even though they were raised in the same environment; thus ruling out the "nurture" portion of the nature versus nurture debate that may be brought up in this argument.

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