The Weaker Sex

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I found this article to be very interesting. When I hear "gender differences," my first thoughts are of the personality differences, the differences in how we approach things...not health differences. While I knew that men tend to live shorter lives than women, I didn't realize there were the issues of declining male births and increasing miscarriages.
I did find it interesting that there were so many statistics of men being at a disadvantage. The fact that after boys are born, they have an extremely high ratio of developmental disorders compared to girls. The facts that the article provided did seem a bit unconnected I felt - the facts were provided, but the author never found a way to link them together or link them as a male trait. The statement that "girls demonstrate insight and judgment earlier in adolescence than boys..." reminded me of something I had heard of before - doesn't that have something to do with brain development? I wish the article would've provided more of the whys and hows behind those statements, as I felt like that would've made things easier to rationalize.
I agree with the comments about males being more of risk takers than females. I think in basically every social group that I have been in, that has proven to be true. The girls are a bit more reserved and not wanting to do anything dangerous, whereas for the guys that is what makes it enjoyable.
Even with the neglect of research on male health, I did find the proposed research involving additional estrogen to be a bit out there. I find it hard to believe that too many men would be willing to take an estrogen supplement...if they even made it to the doctor at all.

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