The Weaker Sex

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This article triggered me to think of the many stereotypes among genders. But most of all it reminded me that stereotypes don't just appear out of nowhere without some type of pattern. Men are stereotyped to be tough and not show their emotions or stress when they have them. I find this to be somewhat true. In the article, they mentioned that teenage boys are more likely to commit suicide than teenage girls. This makes sense to me because, stereotypically, girls are more open about their problems and when they hang out with each other a majority of their time is spent venting (something that would be seen as strange among boys hanging out together). Boys are taught to hold their emotions in (suck it up, you're acting like a girl). Boys are left to hold everything in. We learned in our last discussion that the more you concentrate on holding something in the harder it is for you to stay focused on everyday things. This can lead to a high level of stress which has many bad side affects. It was also mentioned in the article that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression over men but I agree with the author, perhaps this is do to women being more open with how they are feeling.
Something that really shocked me was that men are less likely to survive than women even as early as in the womb. I have no theories as to why this would be and am interested in hearing more about that hopefully in a future article. I agree with the author once again when she says that medical professionals may need to focus more on the condition of men rather than allocating funds for solely female medical research.
I think that this article was very interesting in the sense that it went after the difference among genders on the medical level rather than the social level which is what most people thing of. When I think of differences between genders I immediately think "tough guys" and "emotional women". Again this refers back to the cultural norm for how men and women are 'supposed' to act. Whether this norm is right, wrong, necessary, or simplistic is an argument all on its own. But what I found interesting was that in early years, men are weaker than women. Maybe, socially, we have the roles reversed or biologically, men have to work harder to make their health equivalent to that of women.

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