The Weaker Sex

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This article really surprised me. I would've never guessed that men were unhealthier than women. When I think of women, it's stereotypical, but I think that they seem to have more health related problems, probably because they are more emotional. When I actually start thinking about it though this article made sense. My parents are divorced, so my brothers and my dad live together. It's basically their own little bachelor pad plus me sometimes. My mom and I go to the doctor a lot more often than they do. Is it because we get sick more often? Maybe, but I don't think that's it. I think that it's just because we feel the need to get every little thing checked out with us. When my dad or either of my brothers gets ill, they hardly ever take a visit to the doctor. I'll be the one to tell them that they need to, but because of their "macho-manly" egos, they don't want to go in. My dad completely smashed his finger, which in turn led him to break it. It took him a few hours before he finally realized he needed to go in. However, if that would've happened to my mom or me, we would've rushed to the hospital right away. While guys tend to take more risks, I think the main factor to all of this is that they just try to suck it up and deal. Women try to take more preventative steps to maintain healthier lifestyles, while men don't. I would say that women aren't necessarily healthier than men, especially from birth, but they take more actions to try to stay healthy which leads them live longer and know when something is truly wrong. Studies need to be done to collect information on both sexes. Not one more than the other. Without doing this, accurate information cannot be gained. This being said, I wouldn't say that males are a "weaker sex". I don't think that there is such a thing. Both have their flaws, and while one may be a flaw for one sex, it can be a strength in the other. Many times, men and women can complement each other with the sense of "opposites attract."

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