The Weaker Sex

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This article really caught my attention. Stereotypically women have been labeled as the "weaker sex" however, this article basically proves that to be false by all their research on the male sex. While reading this article I was thinking about all the elder couples I know and realized that I do not know of a single couple that the female has passed before the male and I found that very interesting as it completely correlates to the articles research results. Although I found a lot of the research in the article to seem relatively accurate I disagree with the result that more women have depression than males. I believe that males are less likely to express that they have a problem and be particularly diagnosed with and treated for depression like most women are making it seem like less of them obtain the emotional disease. I do believe that the stereotype that women are the weaker sex should be changed. Although women are less likely to partake in some of the risky and hazardous behaviors men do, this article has shown that it does not make women the weaker sex, it prevents them from dying sooner, proving them to be the stronger sex.

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