The Wonders of a Meal Together

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Reading the New York Times article and the Time Magazine articles really hit home. More than being a tradition, it is a norm that my family eats dinner together every night. For as long as I can remember, my family has always had dinner together. At the dinner table it would be my mom, my dad, my two sisters, and I. We have our specific seats that we always sit in at the table, and we would all share a meal and talk about our days and anything interesting that happened. This really isn't a forced effort; we're a very tight knit family so we love coming together for meals. These articles were kind of funny to me because my friends would always make fun of me for eating meals with my family. During the summer, if we were all hanging out, I would leave in the middle to go have dinner with my family and then I'd come back later and we would all continue doing whatever we were doing. I've always loved having dinner as a family and I have heard before that coming together for meals helps with weight and many other mental aspects. I think that feeling a strong connection and bond with your family, which meals together can help with, lead to a more stable and happy life. In return, this can help you feel better as a person and regulate weight, social aspects, and help in school.
In high school, a few of my friends weren't close with their families at all. They would rarely eat meals at home, and their families would never eat together. These were the girls who also suffered from eating disorders. It was sad for me to watch them because coming from such a loving family; I know how having that support system can help so much during these tough transition times of life. Even the little time we have together during dinner makes me feel more loved and connected to my family. I think that when you feel more secure you are less likely to suffer from eating disorders.
It was a little hard for me to think of something out of the norm to do while having dinner with my friends, but since I always cut my pizza when I'm eating it, I figured I would substitute a spoon for a fork. It was pretty funny to see how my friends reacted when I started scooping up my pieces of pizza. They seemed really distraught and they couldn't figure out why I was using a spoon. A couple of my friends insisted that I could use their fork, but I told them that the spoon made it much easier. Although they didn't end up trying out my method, I could tell that I had definitely thrown them off.

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