This Hurts Me As Much As It Hurts You

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I was extremely shocked at the beginning of this chapter. I have never really heard of such a "small, perfectly normal" town be overcome by such a terrible thing such as syphillis. Once I read deeper into it though, it does make a lot of sense that most everybody is connected to each other by their social relationships. Whether it be sexual, health-related, or event related, we all know someone or a friend of a friend who has "gone through a tough time" or "slept with that guy." The obesity epidemic as they call it was quite interesting to me, because I have never thought that just being in the presence of a big eater could have an effect on you, even if you didn't really notice them eating. I mean, when I'm around my brother(who practically eats his body weight everyday), I feel like I eat more because I see him still eating and I feel like I can keep going. That always turns out to be a horrible idea. The thing about this chapter that surprised me the most was the graphs they used to show the connections between people. There were so many connections in the Jefferson High graph and the Colorado Springs graph that I couldn't even believe that it was possible for that many people to be connected. It completely baffles me that we are interconnected to so many people in our lives.

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