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The scientific aspects of the effects of grief seem to follow what we've learned so far but on a much more intense scale. We already know that stress has a negative impact on the body but in the case of Broken Heart syndrome, it appears to be strong enough to actually change the shape of the heart and cause an attack similar to a heart attack. In an attack caused by broken heart syndrome, a massive rush of adrenaline caused by stress stuns to cells in the heart and causes them to go inert for a while. It seems that the cells don't actually die, as some of the patients affected were back to normal within a short amount of time. The scary part about this condition is it seems there's no way to prevent it from occurring. Since the attack isn't caused by blockage like a conventional heart attack, the usual medication is useless and the people affected are of all ages and genders. It sounds more dramatic than it is, being labeled broken heart syndrome, since it can be caused by physical stress as well as emotional but the fact that strong enough emotion can damage your heart is frightening.
I can't be too critical of the woman in the second article as I have no idea how much emotional turmoil she has gone through but some of her methods of dealing with her grief seem unhealthy to me. She keeps many things of his around and treats them as if they were him in some ways. It seems like she's unwilling to move on and find acceptance, which is the final step of grief. She does seem able to overcome the need to blame someone at some point however, which is a good thing. However, the one part I really was confused by was her wish for anew husband. She says she wants someone to be there who will not mind being second place to a ghost and being pushed aside. Again, I'm in no position to say what's right or wrong, but this seems unhealthy and frankly not fair to whoever would attempt to be there for her. From her requirements for a man though, I think she'd be lucky to find one.

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