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i found these articles to be extremely sad. When we hear about 9/11 we usually hear about the events that happened but never the stories of the individual people who lost their loved ones. I can't imagine going through the pain of losing a loved one in such a tragic event. Along with others, I found it interesting that the therapists advice was to continue the relationship with the person you lost. I think by grieving like this it makes it difficult for the woman to move on and to eventually be able to accept what happened. I feel like the woman doesn't realize that she can't continue to keep Eddie alive through the belongings he left back, and the more she tries to the harder it will be for her. Similarly to the woman, when something bad happens I can't help but to have a million what if questions run through my mind. Such a small event such as missing the train saved many lives on September 11, its scary to think that such an small thing in ones day can determine whether they lost their lives on 9/11.
Though I have been extremely fortunate not to loose any loved ones recently, I have a few friends that did. One of my friends lost her mom in a sudden accident after getting into a fight with her. Seeing her go through the grieving made me have so much respect for her. I knew that she was in so much pain from her lose but she held her composure around everyone and remained the backbone of her family as they grieved the lose. In her position I definitely do not think I would be able to keep my composure as well as she did and to remain so mature around others.

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